How to Create A Halloween Floral Arrangement

We’re getting into the Halloween spirit this week at Amanda Austin Flowers and we’ve created some fun Halloween floral arrangements to decorate the shop. These pumpkins brimming with bright seasonal flowers may not be the spookiest decorations, but they will definitely make sure your Halloween party goes down a (trick or) treat! They are ideal for Halloween table centrepieces or simply as a way to give your home a seasonal twist. Find out how to create your own Halloween floral arrangement below.

Amanda Austin London Florist Halloween Floral Arrangement Hydrangeas Clematis Guelder

What you’ll need:

1. As many pumpkins as you’d like to fill. We like to mix up the ratios and create large and small arrangements together.

2. A selection of seasonal flowers, the brighter the better for Halloween.

3. A sharp knife and scissors or floral scissors.

4. Two toothpicks if you’re working with a small pumpkin, or a wooden stick for a large one.

5. Cellophane.

6. Oasis.

Amanda Austin London Florist Halloween Floral Arrangement Dahlia Orchid

How to create your Halloween floral arrangement:

1. First of all use a knife to slice the top of your pumpkin off, removing the piece entirely but keeping it to hand. Scoop out the contents and dispose of them.

2. Next, you need to line the middle of your pumpkin with the cellophane. This step is very important as it will help your arrangement last. Since pumpkin is a fruit, placing it beside the flowers creates ethylene gas, which causes flowers to die quicker than they usually would. Although wilting flowers may be in keeping with a spooktastic theme, we like to keep ours fresh for as long as possible!

3. Place your oasis into the empty, lined pumpkin. Feel free to cut it as required to fill the centre.

4. Wedge the toothpicks into the oasis and use them to prop up the top of the pumpkin (the piece you originally cut off) so that it looks like a gaping mouth.

5. Now the fun can begin! All that is left to do is to arrange your flowers as you wish. You can always add some Halloween accessories at the end such as cobwebs or plastic spiders for a scary touch.

A few extra hints and tips:

1. Remember to work in thirds, so try and have your arrangement two-thirds flower to one-third pumpkin. Hold each flower beside the pumpkin to work out the right ratio, bearing in mind how far into the oasis you’ll be putting it.

2. Keep it seasonal with dried Hydrangeas, Dahlia, Snowberries or artificial apples. Use classic Halloween shades such as reds, bright purples and greens or oranges. We’ve incorporated bright red Dahlia, lilac Roses, purple Clematis and Orchids, orange Euphorbia and Vuvuzela Roses into our various arrangements. To read our recent guide to seasonal flowers for autumn click here.

3. Don’t overcrowd your arrangement. We always tell our students to leave enough space for the butterflies to land.

We would love to see your Halloween floral arrangements so please do post them on Instagram and tag us @amandaaustinflowers. For a few more creative ideas for how to use your pumpkins this Halloween click here. Good luck!

Amanda Austin London Florist Halloween Floral Arrangement Vuvuzela Rose Euphorbia