Selecting the Right Foliage for your Flowers

At Amanda Austin Flowers we love to give our arrangements the finishing touch, whether they are destined for a white wedding, a private party or one of our client’s homes. It is difficult to translate this ‘florist effect’ into the arrangements you create at home, as there are so many things to consider! The right foliage is something which can really help give your arrangements that sense of finish and flair. But where do you start? Read on to discover our tips and tricks for selecting the right foliage for your flowers!

Foliage for Large Floral Arrangements

If you would like to create something with wow factor, then it is likely that you will be looking for height and volume. Eucalyptus is a fantastic choice because not only is it tall, but it is also in season for most of the year. This means it is almost always readily available for any last minute moments of floral genius! Another option is Choisya, which suits larger arrangements as it is actually cut from a hedge.

Amanda Austin Flowers Foliage Eucalyptus

Foliage for Small Floral Arrangements

Sometimes a large, grand floral arrangement may not seem appropriate. Perhaps you are creating a low table centrepiece and would like your dinner guests to be able to admire the flowers without being distracted from conversation. Or perhaps you’re looking to brighten a windowsill or desk and have limited space. If this is the case then we recommend using Eucalyptus Pave, which is (yes, you guessed it!) a miniature version of its namesake. It has the same mesmerising sense of movement, but comes on a more manageable scale. Another beautiful option is Senecio, which features a silver edge to the leaves. It looks heavenly alongside pale shades of pink and peach. We also love to use Ruscus, which is perfectly neutral and sometimes that is exactly what you’re after!

Amanda Austin Flowers Foliage Senecio

Seasonal Foliage

If you’re looking to create a display with a clear seasonal feel then there are some great options to choose from. In spring the obvious choice is blossom, although we are happy to say that this has just come into season! Blossom can also be suitable for creating height, as the branches tend to be cut very long to begin with. Come autumn, we love to make use of oak leaves. These look stunning placed next to Turning Hydrangeas and other seasonal favourites. To read more about autumnal flowers click here.

Amanda Austin Flowers Foliage Oak Leaves

Foliage… or Flowers?

It is also possible to create the effect of foliage using particular flowers. If you haven’t discovered Astrantia then now is the time! This stunning star shaped flower is in season for much of the year, and is perfect for softening and filling out bouquets and arrangements. We love to use the white variation throughout the winter months, and the purple is gorgeous for during the summer and autumn.

Amanda Austin London Florist Astrantia

We hope this has helped shed some light on selecting the right foliage for your flowers, whether they be large statement arrangements, small decorations, seasonal masterpieces or soft, delicate arrangements with beautiful Astrantia.

Images via here, here and taken in the Chelsea shop.